We find
innovative solutions

to the world’s most difficult social problems.

What is Impact

Organisational purpose is far from new, but the need for urgency and distinctiveness is.  To make tangible and transformational changes, the time for action is now.

Only when purpose is driven by bold innovation can a business solve social problems, whilst mitigating commercial risk and creating market opportunities.

We combine insight, foresight, co-creation and rapid experimentation to give organisations the opportunity to find unique and distinct solutions to the world's most difficult social problems. Impact Innovation makes impact happen smarter and faster for a competitive advantage that balances profit with positive impact.

Impact Foundations

Create the right strategy, culture and skills to deliver sustainable, scalable impact.

Explore and prioritise the current and future needs of audiences.  

Achieve a return on purpose through identification of authentic, aligned and responsive opportunities.

Research - Understand customer opinions, experiences, perceptions and behaviours to identify their problems.

  • Insight - Qualitative research

  • Foresight -  Trend analysis  

Strategy - Build a flexible and actionable impact strategy. 

  • Vision & Ambition workshops

  • Start Points - A pipeline of opportunities  for innovation

Culture - Take a design thinking approach to shifting culture, favouring action over theory.

  • Leadership safaris

  • Culture analysis, diagnosis and action

  • Cultural experiments

Products, Programmes and Ventures

Identify and test new ways to deliver purpose and profit

Accelerate impact through optimising existing products, developing new solutions or creating innovative ventures. 

Optimisation - improve the performance of existing products, programmes and services. 

  • Analyse insights and data

  • Identify strengths, weaknesses and gaps

  • Ideation on extension/growth strategies

  • Test and prioritise

New products, programmes and services - distinctive new ideas co-created with your audience.

  • Understand target audience

  • Create innovative solutions to solve their problems

  • Refine and prioritise through co-creation 

  • Test and validate through rapid prototyping

Impact Venture Studio - Transforming your best assets into exciting, innovative ventures to make a difference.

  • Create an impact version of your business to avoid disruption from competitors

  • Set-up with the right governance and entrepreneurial team

  • Raise investment from charities, social and commercial investors

  • Bespoke support for the first 6-12 months

Impact Collaborations

Bringing partners together to solve social problems better

The world’s most difficult social problems are too big to solve in silos.

We facilitate the collaboration of the public, private and third sector, academics and experts, to find intelligent solutions faster and with more impact.

Collaboration Strategy - Identifying the right partnerships for optimal sources of value, opportunities and impact

  • Understand your core business and purpose objectives

  • Identify capability gaps

  • Align ambitions for powerful partnerships

  • Optimise opportunities to ensure return on purpose

Impact Labs - Translating purpose into action on the biggest programmes of change that avoids replication, accelerates change and amplifies outcomes.

  • Identify key partners

  • Engage and align ambitions

  • Facilitate action

  • Drive return on purpose 

Strategic Partnerships - prioritising innovation through a 6-12+ month strategic partnership to help deliver your impact goals.

  • Build foundations for development

  • Define, evolve and change CSR practice

  • Prioritise action for maximum impact

  • Accelerate purpose goals and opportunities

Good Work

Together we have the power to solve the world’s biggest problems.