We led the MND Association strategy creation project, ensuring their new strategy was driven by insight into the needs of people affected by MND and the wider cause community.

The challenge

MND Association wanted a fresh approach to their new strategy. They wanted to a look at the organisation differently and make the strategy transformational. 

The solution

We started off with research interviews with people affected by MND and supplemented these with discussions with internal stakeholders and representatives right across the cause community. This was a really diverse group including clinicians working with MND patients, politicians, international researchers, funders of research and other charities. This breadth made the insight really rich and this became the cornerstone of the strategy.

This insight was also key to gaining buy-in to the new strategy across the organisation at all levels, something that GI supported through a series of workshops, ensuring the strategy had relevance for each and every colleague.

The impact

  • The new strategy’s non-corporate, ‘customer language’ approach has been really well received. 

  • The Association now has a very focused, ambitious and bold route forward. This has brought a lot of energy to the organisation 

  • The clearly articulated promised and ambitions that make up the strategy have laid the foundations for a clear plan of action.

"‘We wouldn't have achieved our new strategy without your support. You have helped deliver a focused, community led and bold strategy which represents a step change from our previous strategies. You challenged us to think differently about our work and  helped us keep momentum during the process."

Sally Light