An 8 week project with the Wildfowl and Wetland Trust (WWT) to design & test a new service that will help guide the delivery of good wetland conservation globally.

The challenge

WWT knew that there was a need for accessible and relevant training and support to help Wetland Professionals deliver more impactful work. 

They had a vision for a new service - their ‘Wetland School’ that would fill this gap, and allow them to share their knowledge and expertise. 

Our objective was to define the targets audiences, understand what they needed in order to deliver more impactful conservation work, and use that to design a pilot-ready prototype of a ‘Wetland School’ that met those needs and, importantly, was financially viable. 

The solution

We gathered extensive qualitative and quantitative insight from potential users across the world (speaking to people in 14 countries ranging from ​​Madagascar to Myanmar). 

That insight then informed & guided a series of co-creation sessions with users, conservation and education experts where we defined the vision, features, customer experience and priority topics for the new service. 

Working in partnership with Deloitte we prioritised revenue & funding models & created financial projections, while rapidly testing our first iteration of the new service with users. 

The financial modelling & user testing informed the final result - the design and build of a Wetland Learning Hub, the new one-stop digital home for wetland learning. WWT have presented the new Learning Hub at the RAMSAR COP14 in November 2022, and piloting it with Wetland Professionals in early 2023.

Potential impact

  • Potential to reach 650 wetlands professionals annually, training and supporting them to better understand and conserve wetlands across the world

  • A genuinely unique platform that will facilitate the dissemination of vital knowledge from across the world to be heard through webinars, workshops and formal training

  • A community page that facilities vital peer-to-peer learning, allowing wetlands professionals across the world to connect and share best practice

  • A new financially sustainable way of delivering WWT vision and mission.

"Good Innovation were quick to grasp the concept and issues facing WWT with this ambitious and much-needed approach to building the capacity of early career wetland professionals across the globe. The work they did connecting with our audiences, extracting the information needed and engaging positively through co-creation of the course was phenomenal. Despite the tight deadlines, we arrived at Ramsar’s COP14 with a draft website, sound concept and facts and figures to back up the approach. Thanks for a great job!"

Chris Rostron

International Engagement Manager