The Challenge

  • 2020 saw a staggering level of income growth for Refuge. Following this success, they were in the position to be able to put solid foundations in place so that innovation can truly thrive.

Our Approach

  • Innovation Rewind: We reviewed all their existing documents, interviewed 10 stakeholders, and conducted a department-wide survey to get to grips with Refuge’s strengths and weaknesses across the 5 pillars of innovation. 

  • Platforms for change: We synthesised everything we’d learnt from the Innovation Rewind, and using our internal expertise, crafted a clear set of opportunities to supercharge innovation at Refuge. We’ve called these Platforms for Change. 

  • Recommendations report: We ran a 3-hour workshop with key stakeholders to come up with solutions and high-level next steps based on the Platforms for Change. Finally, we summed up all our findings and recommendations into a report with short and long term recommendations from the review.

The Impact 

  • We left Refuge with a clear understanding of where they stand on Innovation, equipping them with clear next steps to meet their Innovation ambitions and maximise their impact.

"Good Innovation did an excellent job with the Innovation Review from start to finish. They had our stakeholders invested in the journey, carried out a fair evaluation, and left us with an insightful and thorough report with recommendations on how to move forward to meet our ambitions. All round, they were a pleasure to work with!"

Gabi Field

Head of Strategy, Performance and Insight