Redesigning NCT’s Flagship Service for New Parents

The Challenge

NCT’s Infant Feeding Line service has been running for 21 years and is built on an old, ‘creaky’ phone system. Ever since the pandemic, there has been a significant uplift in calls showing a real need for the service and it’s not just about infant feeding advice, it provides vital emotional support to new parents and has a huge impact. But the service isn’t reaching nearly as many parents as it could, and isn’t built for today’s parents who expect more than just a voice down a phone. 

NCT had an ambition to reach every parent, no matter their location, culture, sexuality and socioeconomic status, with a service that would support them through those difficult moments of early parenthood. Our objective was to redesign the service model, whilst exploring new ways to sustainably fund this going forward.

The Solution 

The only way to bring confidence and clarity around the needs of different audiences, was to co-create with them. So, we listened to parents from all corners of the country, from different cultural backgrounds, LGBTQIA+ parents, and economically constrained families to explore their needs, challenges and expectations from a service that supported them in those early days of being a new parent. 

We took an iterative approach to explore and test various solutions around cultural competence, booking capability, multiple-language capability, aftercare, whilst also exploring various funding models. We did this by speaking to parents and building on the expertise of those outside the organisation, like other non-profits, tech providers, GPs and public health professionals. 

Finally we took everything we learned and mapped a service that meets the needs of our audience, organisational objectives whilst creating something that will meet the requirements of external funders. 

The Impact 

We’ve uncovered a new flagship service which significantly widens the reach of NCT by serving the parents with the most acute needs, and could help to reposition the brand in the minds of parents, health care professionals and commissioners. 

The Service Blueprint, delivery plans, accompanying insight and testing evidence is now being translated into plans to turn this newly imagined service into a reality. 

"I am really excited about the blueprint that Good Innovation co-created alongside us and with parents, they kept us focused and motivated and the result is ambitious and bold and most importantly would enable us to reach and support many more parents."

Helen Lloyd

Head of Programmes