The Challenge

In May 2022 we ran a webinar to introduce the Impact Maturity Scale, which distills the insights from 12 months of conversations with leaders of social and environmental  impact from the UK's biggest brands.

The scale is designed to help heritage brands who are on a journey to becoming a more purposeful company. We know those companies need help to pinpoint where they are now on that journey, where they want to be in the future, and crucially where they need to focus to get there.

Off the back of the webinar we offered a free workshop to take Exec teams through the scale, to ultimately help kickstart new conversations that help to turn your purpose ambitions into action and ultimately impact.

The Workshop

There are three objectives to the workshop:

  1. To understand the opportunities and barriers to delivering your key purpose work streams and objectives

  2. To work out what needs to be done to unlock any barriers

  3. To create accountabilities and next steps for solving the areas of highest priority

The key outcome from it is ownership around the key opportunities / problems that need to be solved in order for everyone to deliver against their individual and collective purpose ambition.

Given the time available and the complexity of the question, we focus on establishing where you are now, and where you want to be. We’ll help use that to help you unearth and agree on the opportunities and challenges of closing that gap. There may be some discussion about solutions, but the main outcome is to gain agreement on the opportunities / challenges and who will own them.

The Impact

We asked Alice Elliott, Change Lead in Rolls Royce's Transformation Department to share her feedback on the workshop.