We worked with Shelter to identify a series of commercial opportunities to fill their future innovation pipeline. We scoped, sized and developed three ideas in more detail, taking one idea through to MVP.

The Challenge

Shelter sensed there was an untapped opportunity to diversify their income through developing more commercial propositions. They wanted to leverage their powerful brand, assets and reputation to inspire new ideas and capitalise on their right to play in the house, home and property markets.  

Our objective was to identify and develop a series of commercial opportunities for Shelter to pursue. 

The Solution

We began by identifying early-stage idea territories. To do this we collected insight across three key lenses of insight: Organisational, Market, and Audience. We were looking for the sweet spot in the middle.

Organisation: by unearthing the organisation’s unique assets, skills, capabilities and relationships, we understood the foundations on which to build new ideas. 

Market: by exploring the house, home and property market we immersed ourselves in market trends and identified untapped opportunities for exploration.

Audience: By understanding different audience needs we were able to spark new ideas that solve genuine problems. 

Next, we prioritised the highest potential for further exploration. Fleshing out each idea requires a balance of research, commercial rigour and creativity. Taking the ideas from post-it notes to scrappy pitch decks. 

Finally, we prioritised the most exciting idea to take into a MVP sprint. This sprint was designed to further stretch and build the concept, using multiple ‘real-world’ experiments to collect even more accurate data that helped us understand the idea's desirability, commercial viability and feasibility considerations.  

The Impact

We catapulted the Shelter organisation into the world of commercial income, immersing the wider organisation in every stage of our innovation process including research, ideation, testing and steps to pilot.

We developed a pipeline of new commercial opportunities for Shelter to continue exploring in the future. We’ve also built and tested an exciting proposition that has the potential to create sustainable income and impact for the organisation. 

"“Working with Good Innovation gave us exactly the stretch and challenge that we needed. The team were ambitious and pushed us to be bolder, but we always felt that we were in safe hands. I cannot speak highly enough of the process.”"

Michael Stickland

Assistant Director, Income Generation, Shelter UK