The Challenge

The William Sutton Prize, run by Clarion’s charitable foundation Clarion Futures, is for individuals or organisations that have developed innovative concepts, products or services to change lives for the better. It recognises new and creative ideas that solve social problems and transform the wellbeing and quality of life of others. It had been running for four years and Clarion were keen to take a step back and review progress and work out if there were ways to increase its impact.

The Solution 

After engaging with key stakeholders across the business and past winners and applicants we identified and developed a series of recommendations. We started with creating an updated version of the vision and purpose of the Prize, and created a golden thread that linked down through the theme of the prize, how they communicated internally and externally, how they judged and what prize (financial and importantly non-financial) they offered.

The Impact 

The recommendations were agreed and signed off with internal excitement about the new direction. The changes have been implemented and incorporated into the 2023 Prize.

"From the get go the team made the effort to understand what we were trying to achieve. Pre-tender response, efforts were made to review and discuss our objective and help us think through the shape/priorities for the work. The delivery plan was clear and well structured and all timelines were stuck to. Ra and Andrew were both great to work with, personable, helpful and took the time to understand our organisational 'idiosyncrasies' to ensure engagement with stakeholders was pitched just right. They also demonstrated genuine passion for the project which made the experience even more positive"

Emma Hale

Grants Manager