We helped WWF better understand their adopters’ needs and in turn, redesign the animal Adoptions experience to meet them.

The challenge

Adoptions is one of WWF’s most unique and successful products, but its supporter journey had not been evaluated in many years. WWF wanted to take a customer-centric approach to better understand their adopters and build an experience that cater to their needs and expectations. 

Our objective was to identify ways in which WWF could enhance the adoptions experience to first and foremost increase retention and secondarily, to increase acquisition.

The solution

Originally, we had planned for an in-person design sprint; however, we had to quickly pivot and conduct the project virtually as it began the day the lockdown started. The first stage of the project focused on developing, from an internal perspective, the different adopter personas and to map out Adoptions journey for each, hypothesising where there are current pain points and opportunities to delight. We used this as a platform to ideate internally, creating new ideas in which we can enhance the current journey. We then took these hunches to market, conducting 4, one week Sprints including two days of virtual user testing and co-creation. By the end of the sprints, we were testing completely new Adoption journeys and had a long list of recommendations. Finally, we supported the WWF team in prioritising key changes that would help them in reaching their key objective of increasing retention.

WWF has a prioritised list of actionable changes to enhance the Adoptions journey. The recommendations were supported by in-depth insights from the audience research from the sprints.

The impact

Various WWF teams were engaged throughout the project, including the audience interviews, and as such, there was a strong understanding of audience insight and buy-in for the proposed changes. WWF is currently working to implement the recommendations.

"Launching this project on the same week we went into Covid-19 lockdown was nerve wracking but it was a marvel to watch the team at Gi adapt and pivot to continue to make the project work in this situation. In fact, we adapted to the changes so well that I believe the project benefited from being run remotely, including GI running one of the best ideation workshops I’ve ever been to. Mary and Katie were a delight to work with and kept their enthusiasm and energy levels high throughout the demanding 4 week user testing sprints. We have finished the project with a clear roadmap of recommendations with complete confidence in the insight gained."

Caroline Appleton

Head of Fundraising Innovation