December 6th, 2023

Increasing the reach of your services

How innovation can help find new ways to reach a wider audience.

Charities exist to achieve a mission, and Service teams are on the front line. To deliver maximum impact you have to ensure your services reach as many people as possible. And that isn’t always easy.

As the world around us changes - the population grows, people live longer, everything gets more expensive, and people’s needs evolve, services need to change too. 

So why do most charities dedicate budget and resources to fundraising innovation but very little to Services Innovation? This needs to change if charities are going to succeed in finding new ways to increase the reach of their services. 

How Innovation can help find new ways to increase reach

Over the next few months, we’re going to dive into a range of ways charities are increasing the reach of their services. 

We’ll be exploring what’s working (or not) and why, featuring stories and case studies from teams across the sector, and sharing pioneering ideas and inspiration from around the world. 

The first 3 topics we’ll explore are..…

Reaching more diverse audiences any discussion about increasing the reach of your services inevitably leads to a question about reaching more diverse audiences. But it’s difficult to know where to start. We’ve seen too many innovation projects trying to create services that are everything to everyone, and end up being nothing to no-one. 

But picking specific audiences to focus on feels equally jarring. We’ll be speaking to experts from the world of inclusive design to find new ways to tackle this question  and explore how to design services for the underheard and the underrepresented. 

Keeping up with changing needs 

To reach more people, services have to meet unmet needs. But people’s requirements are changing faster than ever. With technology, and the way people engage with products and services changing, teams are struggling to keep up. So how do you avoid your insight report being irrelevant by the time the printer ink has dried? 

We’ll be exploring how corporates and startups are always listening to their customers, and constantly co-creating new strategies, products and marketing campaigns with, not for them. 

Renovation, not revolution  - to expand the reach within the same customer segment, many organisations take current services and make minor changes that will increase the appeal, usage, ease of access or knowledge of its use. 

Increasing the reach of your services doesn’t need to be about doing something you’ve never done before. There’s plenty of quick wins to be had. We’ll be talking to teams from within and outside the sector who are successfully growing their reach by adapting their existing products and services.  

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