June 7th, 2023

Good Conversations

In April 2022, we launched our first, innovative Good Conversations programme, a collaborative and cost effective way for charities to conduct large scale foundational insight projects.

We have always believed in the power of collaboration from The Good Lab in 2018 to our recent Future of Charity report, which told us the sector does too.  One CEO commented, “we’re all wrestling with the same things”.

Our first 2 programmes gave our leading charities the opportunity to deeply engage with key audiences.  Gen Z for our first programme and Boomer Women for our second.  We heard these were strategically important audiences to charities, but also that they knew very little about them.  Internal assumptions were being made and common myths were driving decision making.

Over 3 months we entered into a 24/7 dialogue with  an Online Community and explored every aspect of their lives; their needs, wants, hopes and fears and most importantly their attitudes to giving time and money.  There was also an inspiring offline Inspiration Safari that provided powerful expert and trend led insights.  Each charity then spent 2 weeks co-creating live and directly with the audiences.

Good Conversations answered strategic questions and provided a forum to co-create actionable outputs that had an impact across their organisations. 

"“Our volunteer team has already started to use this insight in their campaigns for new youth volunteers. And we have a sprint planned for the new year to look into a new fundraising product specifically for the Gen Z audience” "

Olivia Thomson

Senior Innovation Executive, St John Ambulance.

"There are a lot of actionable insights which is something we’re always looking for.  We’ve learnt a lot but there are some key opportunities with Boomer Women that we can take away and implement in the relatively near future. "

Catriona Brickel

Senior Fundraising Officer, Mind.

Our third programme, launching in September 2023 is slightly different.  Our charities will still collaborate for a cost effective way to gain large scale actionable insights, but this time focused on Mass Participation Events, ‘Future Proofing Mass Pax Events.’

Over the 12 weeks, 15 charities will engage with a broad range of existing and potential mass pax supporters, understand emerging acquisition channels to new fundraising mechanics and provide individual, tangible ideas to start testing.

We can’t wait to get started.  

There are limited places left on this latest programme.  To find out more contact yvonne@goodinnovation.co.uk