April 28th, 2022

Fundraising for Ukraine

Like many around the world,  we have been devastated by the war and human tragedy in Ukraine.  It’s a tense, dangerous and distressing time.  The scale of the humanitarian crisis can feel overwhelming and insurmountable and can make us feel like nothing we can do can make any kind of a difference.

But as a team we wanted and had to do something.

So we set ourselves a challenge.  Between us we would walk, run or cycle the 2422km distance from London to Kyiv in 4 weeks.  And to boost our fundraising we would exchange little dares for willing (and not so willing) members of the team.

The spreadsheet was set-up, the target was set and we were ready to go.

Week 1 and there was much enthusiasm and we covered well over 30% of our target and were well on track.  The “dare” ideas were flowing and we were all very confident we would achieve our goal.

Week 2 and everybody was tired.  Too much exertion in week 1!  We were all hoping John would rapidly increase his marathon training miles but it appeared he was keeping them “steady”.  Fortunately Kevin went on a very well timed walking holiday and kept our total topped up and on track.

Week 3  Panic.  2 weeks to go and we’re not 50% of the way there.  So we take a bit of poetic license and add ski-ing to the list of options to record miles.  It’s all about the legs after all.  So with Andrew and Heather both adding a weekend of ski action, we’re back on track.

Week 4 we had bad knees, hockey injuries and sadly no more planned ski trips.  So those still fit had to get the miles in and fast.  The bike was the best option.  Even for those with clicky knees.  And we made it.  Just.

Well done team.  Great effort.  Our DEC fundraiser complete and we all headed into Easter a little bit fitter!