March 23rd, 2020

Everything has changed...

Are you moving fast enough to keep up?

As we all acclimatise to a new normal in these unsettling times, the team at Good Innovation have prioritised reaching out to clients and listening closely to their hopes, fears and most importantly, their quickly evolving needs as we collectively adapt to life under the dark cloud of Covid-19. Here’s my take on the current situation and three key recommendations for sustaining the future of charity fundraising.

Firstly, what’ve we seen and heard?

‘My considered plans have shattered but we still desperately need their income’

The pressure on UK charities to react to this crisis and support the vulnerable and in-need is immense, combined with a sudden loss of short-term voluntary income (for example, how many charities relied on fundraising from the now postponed London Marathon?!), it’s no wonder that senior charity execs and Fundraising Directors are under significant pressure.

‘We need to act quicker than ever to adapt and ensure continuity’

Along with worry and uncertainty, our clients have told us that they’re being forced to search for silver linings in these tough times. For example, with fundraising events cancelled or put on ice, how can new DIY and at-home fundraising take centre stage in the weeks to come? With heavy investments already made in research projects, how can virtual methodologies save vital studies? With beneficiaries facing unprecedented change to their lives on a daily basis, how can charities become better engaged with those they’re set-up to support? We’re hearing lots of questions, the answers to which often involve moving at a pace that’s rarely seen in our sector. 

Here at Good Innovation, rather than slowing down, we’re making the most of our ability to accelerate. We’re specialists in fast, agile and virtual research, strategy and innovation, with a host of digital tools in our armoury. How can we help? We’ve summarised the three key challenges we see charities facing and our suggested remedies for how to tackle them.

‘My research project has been suspended. How do I still collect insight and data?’ 

If you’re looking to conduct or continue research, it takes us 24 hours to set-up and run bespoke, fully facilitated Online Communities with both supporters and beneficiaries. We call these Communities ‘Good Conversations’ and we’ve already ignited these powerful discussions with a range of the country’s leading charities. With unlimited geographical stretch, the ability to reach hundreds of people and with the population confined to the four walls of home, there has arguably never been a better time to access priority audiences.

‘I’ve got an idea that could work but how do I get it to market quickly?’ 

If you need to rapidly develop, test and launch new fundraising products, we’re already experts at virtual ideation and use a selection of the latest platforms and techniques to test and pilot propositions. What’s more, did you know we can do this within days? From smokescreen testing to virtual prototyping, we’re able to quickly get new ideas into the hands of real people, with real time feedback, evaluation and results.

‘How do I acclimatise and move forward whilst keeping our supporters at the heart of what I do?’ 

While we’ve heard the importance of balancing a short-term reactive mind-set with a longer term strategic one, there is no doubt that with the situation changing day-to-day, charities are facing a unique challenge to react and adapt at a moment’s notice. We don’t pretend to have all the answers, but if you need a steady head when moving uncomfortably fast, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. 

We’re eager to help and are offering a free consultation to help tackle your challenges, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’re also creating a series of blogs to support the sector in adapting to the global pandemic - watch this space.