June 20th, 2023

Financial ESG Roundtables - Edinburgh

Background: Following a very successful first roundtable in London in March, and by popular demand, we're bringing the next one to Edinburgh. A co-hosted event from Amanda Young, Chief Sustainability Officer at Abrdn, and the team at Good Innovation. It's a space to meet peers, dive into common challenges, and work through solutions together. 

As with our London event, this isn't another talking shop. It's about sharing and learning tangible, actionable ideas to drive forward the ESG agenda in your organisation.  We'll bring insight from conversations over the last 12+ months with over 40 leaders in Sustainability / Purpose at some of the biggest brands in the world. Your peers from the likes of Barclays, Rathbones, Natwest, Google, Lego, Rolls Royce and Danone have highlighted 5 of the biggest challenges facing Heads of ESG today. 

Who'll be there? Leaders in Sustainability, Purpose and Social Impact across a broad range of FS companies.  Current attendees include Standard Chartered, Virgin Money, M&G, Abdrn and more.  This is a small, selected group of professionals of which we'd love you to be a part.

The agenda - Welcome and intros

When: Tue 20th June, 3-5pm (with optional drinks and canapes from 5pm) 

Where: Abrdn Office, 1, George Street, Edinburgh

What's Good Innovation's role? We'll be there to introduce and help facilitate the discussion, and we'll bring our experience working with other FS companies and outside of the sector to bring different ideas to the table.

If you work in Financial Services and lead the sustainability or social impact agenda in your organisation and would like to attend, do get in touch with yvonne@goodinnovation.co.uk