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Impactful Start-ups

What are your best assets? We identify and transform them into exciting, innovative ventures that really make a difference.

We know from experience that starting commercial ventures within large organisations is challenging. Change won't happen unless new ideas make it to market - and the bigger the idea the harder it can be. But when 25% of startups fail in their first year, getting something to market is only the first step.

To help we created our Venture Studio, an in-house programme that gives these new businesses the best chance to succeed.

We help set these ventures up properly in the first place, through designing the right governance and recruiting the right entrepreneurial team.

We help raise investment from charities, social and commercial investors. We've helped a portfolio of startup social ventures raised over £2m in investment so far.

And then we support the ventures throughout their first 6-12 months. Unlike an accelerator programme, we offer bespoke support depending on the needs of the startup. And we put our money behind this too through aligning our success with the success of the venture.

Impactful Start-ups

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