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Our Work

Parenting Insights




We helped future-proof and strengthen NCT's existing services, modernising them to recognise changes in demographics, communication and lifestyle.

The challenge

NCT have an ambition of supporting all parents across the first 1000 days of the parent journey. As part of their new strategy, they wanted to future-proof and strengthen their existing services, modernising them to recognise changes in demographics, communication and lifestyle. NCT wanted to identify primary and future audiences and understand their unmet needs through the first 1000 days.

The solution

We worked with the Executive Board to create key lines of enquiry that helped frame the subsequent insight exploration with both parents and NCT practitioners across the country.

 We conducted over 60 in-home interviews with parents, exploring their evolving needs across the parenting journey and hosted focus groups across the 4 nations.

 The key deliverable was a strategic insight report which provided a solid foundation of primary parent insight for NCT’s strategy development and their portfolio review, highlighting gaps and opportunities for new products.


The impact

  • Research with 150 parents
  • Engaged with over 50 NCT Practitioners
  • Excellent feedback from CEO and Exec team

Client feedback

“Good Innovation got to know NCT and understood us, our mission, vision and values. They helped us to see through the complex with insight from parents that was truly actionable. Their work shone a spotlight on where we can make most impact for parents during the first 1,000 days. We used this to inform the shape of our future services for parents, helping us to make sure we’re building on our strengths and getting the right support to parents at the right time. We appreciated their openness to embedding their approach in the charity, leaving us in a stronger position to continue to develop our services in a way which is driven by insight and a firm focus on our beneficiaries.”

JULIET MOUNTFORD, Executive Director, NCT

Juliet Mountford

Executive Director

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