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Our Work

Memory Walk




Growing Income


We created mass participation products that reflected the strength, heritage and the scale of the Battersea brand while delivering significant new income.

The challenge

Battersea has an ambitious strategy to help more dogs and cats in need in their existing and new centres. To achieve this, they need to grow their income. They wanted to create new mass participation products that reflected their strength, heritage and the scale of the Battersea brand while delivering significant new income.

The solution

We conducted ethnographic research in homes of pet owners and pet aspirers to understand their unmet needs and wants. We discovered that the pain of losing a beloved pet is very often overlooked in our society. People were looking for ways to deal with their grief.

Working with Battersea staff and pet owners we co-created Battersea’s Pet Memory Walk. This annual event is an opportunity for friends and family to get together with other pet owners and walk in memory of their pet, whilst making donations to Battersea.


The impact

  • MVP in 2018 proved viable
  • Roll out in 2019
  • Initial insights used to create 4 additional products
  • Innovation team and process adopted at Battersea

Client feedback

"None of the above would have been possible without the work we undertook with Good Innovation. It really helped us highlight the importance of research, co-creation and the innovation process across the centre."

Stephen Ballard

Innovation Manager, Battersea

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